The Tragedy of Becky Sue

   It was 2013 in Chicago, Illinois. The night was heavy with silence. These days people documented everything they did. Little did Becky Sue know, this would be her last image.

   Feeling a little bloated that day, she decided to hit the treadmill. After about 20 minutes of intense running, Becky Sue went to get some watermelon so that she can both quench her thirst and fulfil her hankering for something sweet.

   When Becky Sue arrived back at the treadmill she wanted to test her multitasking skills. She held her watermelon in one hand, her phone in the other, and she kept on running her little heart out as she snapped an instagram photo, with no filter. Just as the picture posted, things got out of hand. Becky Sue’s plate of watermelon hit the excelerator on her treadmill and she could not keep up. Her sweat hit the belt and slowly she slipped with a piece of watermelon being lodged into her throat. Just before she die she recieved a voicemail from Petunia. It said “Nice picture, BECKY SUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


awk flock

That man is sassy

His wife is classy

It looks like he’s wearing a skirt

He does not have a nice shirt

This girl looks like she is going to upchuck

She does not have good luck

Look at that wood

Its real good

That womens dress is red

I think she just got out of bed

She cares for her family

Her name is tammy

The floor implies poverty

I think they drink olive tea

I could go for some chamomile

After a spin in the bat mobile

That girl in yellow

She doesnt look so mellow

I see a tree blowing in the breeze

That makes me sneeze

I blame the pollen

Because it’s fallin




Cleaning Makeup Brushes

If you constantly use makeup brushes, you will notice they tend to get messy and dirty. Cleaning them can be beneficial for your skin and your makeup tools. To clean them you must start by running the bristles through warm water first. Slowly apply a small amount of baby shampoo gently to the bristles and lather it through. Run your bristles through the water again until it runs cleear. There will be a tint of colour on your brushes, if you want to get rid of the tint, you can go through the process again until the brushes are completely clean. Do not over clea nyour brushes though because if can lead to harsh bristles and shedding. Once you are satisfyed with your results, shape your brushes and leave them on a counter to air-dry. If you do this process at night, you will be able to use them in the morning.

Make a Rainbow Cake


                Spring is the season that bright colours appear more frequently. Why not celebrate the new season with a colourful cake that tastes fantastic and looks wonderful. First off you are going to want to preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, while that is heating up you are going to want to get several tin pans and apply vegetable oil generously over the pans. After that is done, you want to whisk your flour, baking powder, and salt together in a big bowl. Now pour the sugar and butter into a mixing bowl and cream the ingredients together, as you are doing that, and egg whites to your mixture one at a time then add vanilla extract. Go back and forth between pouring your flower mixture and milk into the mixing bowl, start with the flower and end with the milk. Evenly distribute the cake batter into your tin pans, it does not matter how many you have, just make sure it is even. Add food colouring to your cake batter making each tin a different colour for the rainbow effect. Place as many pans as you can into your oven and let them bake for about 15 minutes. To check to see if your batter is fully cooked, stick a tooth pick in the middle of the batter, if it comes out clean that means it is completely cooked, if not leave it in for another 2-5 minutes. Let the cakes cool on a rack for 10 minutes then scape the top of your cakes to make them level. Put icing on the top of each cake and stack them as you please. To make it look more magical, cover the entire stack with thick icing and once you cut into the cake it will give the rainbow effect.


                I was with my friends, chattering and buzzing about all the rumors that were travelling around the school during our lunch period. A lot of our peers claimed that they felt they were being followed every day after they were done work in the dark hours, we didn’t believe it though, we just assumed people were being melodramatic to get attention from those around them. Why would anyone want to stalk teenagers in such a small suburb of Chicago?

                Bridgette and I walked slowly to my house after the last bell. The cool autumn breeze brushed through our hair as the crunchy leaves danced around our feet. The trees that were slowly dying gave a grim feeling to the journey home. When we arrived to my house, we placed our bags in my room. I watched Bridgette walk to my bathroom; my eyes matched the scream of my name to a place. I raced to the bathroom to find a note written in red lipstick on my mirror. “Why don’t you believe it?” I read the lipstick. “Is this some sort of sick joke Bridge?”

                “Um, no! Why would I write on your mirror? It was there when I walked in, Brit!” Bridgette had a troubled look on her face. I shook it off and told myself it was all her as I cleaned it off.

 Later that night the power went down. I have never seen my house so dark, nor have I heard so quiet. There was not a sound from anywhere. It was eerie and haunting, nothing felt real. Bridgette and I stayed in my room trying to ignore the fact that everything was turning into a show of irony. We retrieved flashlight from my closet so we could get some sort of light in the house.

“Is it even storming outside?” my lips trembled as I asked Bridgette.

 “I don’t think so, it’s too quiet outside” Bridgette replied.

“Whatever, let’s just sleep, the power will be back tomorrow.” I remember drifting off into a long slumber, nothing could wake me up, it was too deep.

After what felt like forever, I woke up. My bed felt hard and lumpy, it wasn’t right. I lifted my limp body and looked around; I was no longer in my bedroom. I was in the depths of a forest, the stars sparkled through the tree tops. My heart was pounding; feet were thudding on the ground and with every step the found of snapping twigs followed. My palms moistened with nervous sweat. I needed to get out fast. The stars were too dull to guide me just as my legs were too tired to carry me safety and my brain was too confused to figure out where I even was. I was not familiar with the area. Everything was so foreign to me. I wasn’t even sure how I ended up here. I turned around to escape, little did I know, that was the last thing I would ever do.




            All I could feel was pricks poking my bright green eyes. This was the end; my life would never be the same afterwards. My parents were divorcing, nothing tragic like this has ever happened to me. I created silence; there was not a murmur or a peep that escaped my lips. I was frozen and locked inside my own body. I turned away from the bickering pair and collapsed on my bed. I broke the silence with my tears, I wanted a new life, I wanted to change everything.

            I struggled through the summer in a search for happiness, yet I always fell back down. I took to the internet to keep myself distracted from everything that was happening. I had always been aware of the marvels that revolved around social networking, but I never indulged myself completely. I fell in love with the creativity and individuality of those around the world. I started making artistic videos and posting photographs that I was happy about. I received positive feedback and felt happy with my life.

            With my overwhelmed gratitude for life, I created my first youtube channel. It focused on fashion, something I truly cared about, and I was able to connect with those who shared the same interests as me. I turned my life around in just a moments time and it made me believe that you can always dig yourself out of the deepest of holes.

Hollywood Life

The ‘Modern Family’ star will appear in a series of ad campaigns this spring for the new beauty collection Heart Calgon, it was announced on Feb. 22.

Sarah Hyland will debut the four new fragrance collections — each including a body mist, a shimmer mist, a body lotion and an exfoliating body wash — this spring in a series of muli-media advertisements! “I love the concept of playing up different sides of my personality, so whether I’m walking the red carpet or going out for a night with friends, it’s fun to mix and match with my scents,” Sarah says.

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Chapped lips?

The all-knowing beauty professionals were asked: “I get the worst chapped lips in the winter. What remedy will stop this once and for all?”

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  • (Photo Courtesy of Nivea)

The dermatologist says:

“The thin skin on your mouth loses moisture faster than any other area–especially when it’s cold. Your instinct may be to buff off the flakes, but don’t: This can leave the skin raw and allow bacteria in. Instead, focus on hydration. By keeping the skin nourished and protected, it’ll repair itself quickly and stay soft.”

Nivea SPF 30If you’re going to be outdoors for the day, swipe on a lip balm that contains SPF 30, since the delicate skin on your lips is especially vulnerable to UV rays. (Try Nivea A Kiss Of Protection Lip Care SPF 30, $2.99; And watch out for triggers that can aggravate dryness, such as acidic juices like…

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